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Rohkia is a collaborative office for creative professionals and sole entrepreneurs, providing a boost to business growth and supporting other entrepreneurs with the power of community – boldly and without sticking to the old ways.

Under one roof, we have a visual marketeer, graphic designer and a translator. We serve our clients both individually and together, complementing each other's skills as needed.

At Rohkia, you'll get a fresh perspective on your business and a wealth of creative ideas, whether it's for a logo, website texts, styling a store, or harnessing the resources of a work community.

Our location is in Ylivieska, but we have clients all over Finland.

For us entrepreneurs, Rohkia is an inspiring community where everyone can be themselves. If you're tired of toiling alone and are looking for a new kind of boost for your activities, join the group – in a team, courage is condensed. Currently, we are looking for two more professionals to join our team and complement our services at our physical office in the center of Ylivieska.


Feel free to contact us

Juurikoskenkatu 6, 84100 Ylivieska

p. 044 353 7210  |

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