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Team Rohkia

Creative agency Rohkia was founded in 2019 from entrepreneur Virve Arvola's vision to create a shared workspace for sole entrepreneurs, a breeding ground for great ideas, and a think tank under one roof. The guiding principle has always been that by working together, entrepreneurs can challenge their own potential, develop, and serve their clients more diversely.

Rohkia's office and headquarters are maintained by visualist Virve Arvola, graphic designer Sara Eleni Miinin, and translator, yoga instructor, and relaxation therapist Johanna Oksanen.

Courage, creativity, and a high culture of conversation are Rohkia's core values. These values benefit clients in problem-solving, creating something new, and facing the challenges of tomorrow. The Rohkians are well-networked, and solutions to clients' minor and major problems are often quickly found within their own contacts.

Rohkia's clients share a desire for effortless, high-quality, and diverse services all under one roof.

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